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IEEE-RAS Humanoids 2012

IEEE-RAS Humanoids 2012 - Osaka, Japan

November 29th - December 1st, 2012

This page is the unofficial student activities page for the IEEE-RAS Humanoids 2012 conference. The purpose of these events are to create an atmosphere conducive for students to get to know each other in a non-academic setting. All activities are geared towards students however anyone is welcome to participate. All schedule events are on a "pay your own way" basis unless otherwise stated.

Friday, November 30th, 2012

(Food Event: 19:30-22:00) Student Dinner at local (traditional Japanese) restraint (TBA) as a meet and greet
  • Meet on the fist floor (1F) at 19:15 (7:15pm)
  • Will leave at 19:30 (7;30pm)

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

(Fun Event: After Farewell Reception) Go out and sing Karaoke!!!
  • Meet on first floor (1F)
  • Time: 20 min after end of the reception

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

(Full Day Event: 08:30-20:00) Day Trip to Kyoto: Historic Kyoto, Temple Walk, Tea Ceremony, Shopping

Tentative Schedule:
  • 08:30 - Meet at hotel
  • 09:00 - Leave Osaka
  • 10:00 - Arrive Kyoto Shijo Station
  • 10:30 - Walk through Yasaka Shrine and Higashiyama historic to Kiyomizu Temple
  • 12:00 - Lunch in Higashiyama district (TBA)
  • 13:00 - Free time for shopping, visit pagoda, etc.
  • 14:30 - Meet at Yasaka Shrine and go to Tea Ceremony En (15h reservation)
  • 16:00 - People who do not want dinner: Train back to Osaka
  • 18:00 - Dinner
  • 20:00 - Train back to Osaka


(Food Event: ~12:00-13:00)Lunch. Follow @ieeestudentfun on Twitter for updates

(Food Event: ~20:00-??:??)Going out for dinner and drinks. @ieeestudentfun on Twitter for updates on times and places.

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